The Casting Nasturtiums Website exists to try to rid the world of some of the more nonsensical of the many common errors in English. How do we propose to do that? Ideally it would be by encouraging everyone who uses the English language as a means of communication to read (or preferably buy) the book “Casting Nasturtiums”, which could prove quite a hard road to hoe!.

Although not wanting to be seen casting nasturtiums here, why would anyone give a book about common errors in English, the title, “Casting Nasturtiums”? Its certainly a different tact, butincentified by what he has seen and heard over the years, Greg Shalless has in one foul swoop, done just that.

Let’s face it this is a fairly boring subject, but by highlighting these common errors in English with pieces of humorous verse we hope our readers will find them sufficiently amusing and memorable that they will be unlikely to ever make these mistakes again.

We strongly recommend that you check out the Preview and have a crack at The CASTING NASTURTIUMS Quiz. We are also very interested to see which responses emerge as the most popular in The Polls, so make sure you cast your vote.

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Who Should Read “Casting Nasturtiums”?
  • Managers
  • PAs
  • Clerks
  • Teachers
  • Writers
  • Students
  • Lawyers
  • Journalists
  • Editors
  • MCs
  • Sporting Commentators

 – To prevent people casting aspersions at them!


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    October 2012